Could I Have PS for Tt/bbl in 7000$ for Full Package?

im 5.3 and 175

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Price for TT/breast lift seems low

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As others have said, that seems low.  MAYBE for the mini-est of TT and smallest of mastopexies (breast lifts).  People who are working for nothing probably do not have the training and skills you want.   It's not about price,but rather quality.  Best of luck to you.

It is unwise to spend too much, but even more unwise to spend too little on your plastic surgery.

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Yes you can very likely find a surgeon somewhere to perform these procedures at or close to that price, which is well below the usual range.  But then you have to ask yourself if you are also getting the level of safety, qualifications, and expertise that you need.  There is no bargain in paying $7000 if you have to go to another surgeon later to have more surgery (and your health is no place for cost-cutting).  Another consideration is the type of breast lift (if that is what bbl means).  They are not all the same.  Some surgeons just cut out some skin above the areola ("donut" or "crescent" lift) and call that a breast lift.  Also, make sure you are having a full tummy tuck, not a mini. 

You may be overly fixated on the price and not the value.  Your goal should be not compromising safety or quality and then getting the best price.  Here in my area, you could expect to pay about $10,000, including anesthesia and the surgery center.  Another consideration is liposuction.  You would probably want to have liposuction at the same time, and that adds to the expense.  I've attached a link to my website in case you want to read more about these procedures.  The more knowledge you have, the better.  This is a very important decision.  Better to wait and save a little more and get it done right.

Eric Swanson, MD
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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Big Geographical Variation In Costs

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There is a large variation in costs which is related to location more than ability. The costs are much greater on either coast than here in the Midwest.  Even in Louisville $7,000 is a bit low for these procedures, but they would not be in the $12-000-20,000 range either.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Price varies among plastic surgeons and area of the country

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Thank you for the question.  Although price may vary from one surgeon to another the range of cost for these two procedures is closer to 12-20K.  Any surgeon that is offering these two procedures combined for much less than this range should raise some suspicion.  Have multiple consultations with well qualified board certified plastic surgeons and get an idea of what they charge as well as what you are getting for that price.  I think this will provide the best information for you.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Tt/bbl in 7000$ for Full Package?

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You can see average prices for these procedures on this website are over twice of your suggested offer. New Jersey is not a low priced market. 

If you go out of country you are taking risks that many would find unacceptable, and any complication you incur after returning home can wind up costing much more than the US quote for surgery would have been. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Pricing for TT/BBL

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$7000 is below the curve for these procedures and I would find it unrealistic that a board certified plastic surgeon would operate for that fee. Please let me caution you that there is always someone out there, typically, not a boarded plastic surgeon, who will do anything so I would be very suspicious if someone i willing to operate at that fee level. Hope you are safe in NJ.

7000 TT + BBL???

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I do not think that this would be a reasonable cost for this time intensive procedure.  When you combine surgeries, you often receive a discount for multiple procedures from the provider as well as breaks on the overall cost for the operating room and anesthesia (generally, priced by time with the first hour the most expensive)  The problem with this combination is the position changes required for the harvest as well as the abdominoplasty and then the injection of the fat for the buttocks.  I would be averse to performing this combination together due to the many different changes of position. (Supine:  harvest of fat from abdomen, anterior flanks, possibly medial thighs then Prone:  harvest of fat from posterior flanks, mid back, lateral thighs, process fat and inject into buttocks, Back to supine to perform tummy tuck.)  That looks like three separate sets of drapes, 15-30 minutes of positioning time x 2. 

7000 would just not cover the total cost of the procedure.

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