Update on Necrotic Tissue: Tissue Removed and Seroma Spontaneously Drained from Site? (photo)

Last week I posted a small spot of necrotic tissue. At my 3 week post op my PS noticed that I was too swollen and wanted to aspirate to see if I had a seroma. But first, he decided to remove the necrotic tissue to help the healing. The minute he did, all the fluid in my abdomen drained from that hole. Changing dressings daily, still draining fluid mostly over night. Wearing compression and binder. What do you think? I'm a little concerned about infection with open wound. See pic.

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Update on Necrotic Tissue

Sounds like the debridement was the right thing to do. Infection is actually less likely now that the wound has been debrided and the fluid has drained. Do follow closely with your surgeon, and report anything untoward, such as a fever, immediately.

All the best.

Update on Necrotic Tissue: Tissue Removed and Seroma Spontaneously Drained from Site?

     If the wound was debrided and the fluid has been drained, the risk of infection should be less.  However, if I were your surgeon, I would be following you closely.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Necrotic tissue in tummy tuck wound needs debridement or removal

Thank you for your question and update. I am happy that the seroma has drained.

However a whitish yellow tissue in the bottom of the wound needs to be debrided and appropriate dressing changes introduced such as a wet-to-dry dressing.

Be assured that you can heal from this.

However for new skin cells to grow over this area a fresh, clean red easily bleeding wound base needs to be present. Any dead or necrotic tissue that is discolored white, yellow-green black or otherwise needs to be removed down to healthy red bleeding tissue for proper wound healing to occur.


Actually looking better. Shower routinely. Chage dressings frequently and you should do fine.

Peter Fisher, MD
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Wound and sermons complications after tummy tuck!!!

The most common site of developing necrotic tissue is the center of the incision.  Now that the wound is cleaned up you have less risk of infections. Keep following up with your doctor.

Update on Necrotic Tissue: Tissue Removed and Seroma Spontaneously Drained from Site?

Seems as your surgeon is doing everything correctly. Allow a few months of healing to occur. Best to you. 

Seroma drainage from tummy tuck wound

Your surgeon should be guiding you through your recovery at this point.  You need to be vigilant for infections (spreading redness, increasing pains, fevers, more purulent drainage) and keep your surgeon updated.  Some surgeons utilize packing to ensure you drain before your skin heals.  Follow your surgeon's advice and this should be a distant memory down the road.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Tissue Removed and Seroma Spontaneously Drained from Site?

You have a little bit of necrosis and an open would with seroma. It is good it drained on its own. Once cleaned up, the would has a small chance of infection. Just do dressing changes and it should heal right up. This is not that uncommon.

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