I Have Braces Now and Will Get Them off in 3 Months? (photo)

I still have an overbite and cross bite and my jaw clicks at times. I also have a shifting jaw . I Want to fix my underprojected chin would genioplasty , or jaw corrective surgery ,retrognathia surgery or implant with chin lipo ?

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How to Fix an Under Projected Chin

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I have no idea what your teeth look like but I'm guessing they are straight, or nearly straight. Unfortunately, your lower jaw is way "under projected". I'm guessing you probably had bicuspid teeth extracted before doing the braces too. At any rate, your lower jaw needs to be brought forward or your clicking jaw will continue to be a problem and you could easily develop a problem with your airway.

You need to find a dentist or orthodontist who understands how to move a lower jaw without surgery. No matter what you might be told, it is possible to move a lower jaw without surgery; EVEN IN ADULTS.

Good luck!

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