I've been in the hospital since my TT 11 days post op; they knocked out my drain and I notice more bruising? (Photo)

Is this normal?

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Tummy Tuck in Hospital is Great for Safety.......

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But, as stated by other Plastic Surgeons on here, 11 days in the hospital after a Tummy tuck is VERY unusual! I perform all my Tummy tucks in a local hospital.   All my patients spend the night in a private room in a wing of the hospital with other plastic surgery patients as well as orthopaedic surgery patients (to avoid the risks of getting an infection from other sick patients).  They all receive excellent nursing care and are discharged the following day. You must have some idea why you have spent 11 days in the hospital. This is unusual! 

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

11 days postop tummy tuck in the hospital

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I tend to be fairly straightforward with my reviews.  There is something very unusual about your postoperative period.  Hospital stays in excess of the day are quite unusual.

I would suggest you discuss this with your surgeon to understand why you needed to stay in the hospital for such an extended period of time.

Mark Eberbach, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck hospital stat

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Normally a tummy tuck can be done as a same day procedure where you go home the same day or stay overnight one night. Sounds like you were having problems that needed you to stay more. We can't really comment more without knowing more. Best of luck!

Nikesh K. Patel, MD
Freehold Plastic Surgeon
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Complication after tummy tuck surgery...

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I am sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing although it is not clear based on your post exactly what kind of complication you have experienced and what your question may be. Please post again. Best wishes.

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