Need a great revision, medpor implant removal, rhinoplasty expert? Please help I am severely depressed and regret every moment.

I had my first rhinoplasty done 3 years ago by Dr. Rizk. He never took after pictures, which tells me he knew something wasn't right. He told me to wait three years, that the swelling needs time to go down. The "swelling" hasn't gone down and my nose,(especially the tip), is starting to bother me. I am getting to the point where I do not want to leave my house or show my face. Please I am pleading for just names of doctors that I may go see for consultations that are in the tristate area. TY

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Revision rhinoplasty...

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Sorry to hear about the issues with your nose. It's important to find a revision rhinoplasty specialist with a lot of experience to truly tell you what can and can't be done. Try to bring photos of your nose from before the first procedure so that the full evolution of your nose can be seen. The ultimate goal will be to make your nose look natural and normal.


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It is always troubling to see wounded souls.... those of us who cut our teeth in complex reconstructive surgery (and still make it part of our practices) are not strangers to the devastating effects that trauma, cancer, etc. can have on patients form and function..... the psychological effects of disappointing let alone disasterous elective and/or cosmetic surgery are in a category unto all complex issues, there is a wide range of emotions and responses amongst patients.... It is imperative for the revision/reconstructive surgeon to be able to both objectively evaluate the deformity, accurately assess the potential for improvement and compassionately determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate.... Although many patients are fragile, they must wrap their hearts and minds around any additional surgery's potential to improve their condition and any risks involved

While there certainly are land mines out there for surgeons including narcissists and patients with bonafide psychiatric disorders, the vast majority of patients with challenges ARE good candidates for revision rhinoplasty.... even if they require a bit more consideration and attention than others.... this all amounts to a process that will require effort on your (and perhaps your family's) part...You need a thorough evaluation and a well thought out will need to gain the confidence that your surgeon has the skills and aesthetic judgment to fix your will need to see several doctors to become convinced/confident...find out who OR nurses and doctors go to and who their family/friends go to.... do your homework and be sure that your revision rhinoplasty surgeon has:

1. many years of rhinoplasty practice experience
2. judgment and techniques that have evolved over time
3. a practice focused on rhinoplasty 
4. a willingness to do difficult, secondary and reconstructive cases
5. an interest in teaching others how to evaluate and do rhinoplasty properly
6. a willingness to share rhinoplasty resume, photos and patient experiences with prospective patients

good luck...I hope this helps

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Hi and sorry to hear about your problem.  I have a lot of experience with revision rhinoplasty and I would be happy to see you for a consultation.  I am located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.  Dr. Pontell

Jonathan Pontell, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty revision and medpor

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Meepor implants are often at higher risk for infection and can lead to long term inflammation and swelling.  Taking them out can be a bit tricky as they tend to stay adherent to the surrounding tissues. Other options for replacement may be using your own cartilage, using cadaver cartilage, or even a different implant. If the implant is infected, it might be best to remove the implant and wait before reconstructing the nose for augmentation. Best of luck.

Revision rhinoplasty

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I am so sorry you have such a bad experience with your first rhinoplasty.  To be sure that you needed a revision, a picture or an in office consultation would be really helpful. We could use computer imaging to find a suitable realistic goal for your nose. It's important that you choose a board certified plastic surgeon whose primary practice is rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty, since it's such a difficult operation to do well. 

Samir Undavia, MD
Princeton Facial Plastic Surgeon
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