Extreme itching after lower eyelid surgery. Also one eye bruising getting darker. (Photo)

I just had lower eyelid surgery 5 days ago. The itching around the stitches in the corner of the eye it's getting more extreme. Is that normal? And any remedies? Also the bruise on the right eye is getting darker as the other one is turning yellow. Should I still continue to ice?

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Eye surgery and itching

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Itching may be related to healing and the bruising will get better with time.  Itching can be related to healing or topicals being placed.

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Itching after eyelid surgery

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All normal. Use warm compresses and gentle massage of lower eyelids with an over the counter cream called Dermend. When outside protect eyes from sun. 
Take benadryl for itching if it gets bad. 
Dr. J

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Itching after eyelid surgery

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Itching can be very common after any surgery.  If you notice it more after putting on an ointment, you may have an allergy and should stop the ointment.  The bruising is normal.  Ice will not help at this point - only good for the first 2-3 days.  Can switch over to warm.  Ask your doctor if they have one of the lasers that can help with bruising.  

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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