Can an Injectable Filler Help my Nose by Making the Tip Round and More Full and Also Straighten In? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty and revision septorhinoplasty. i do not want another surgery. My nose looks pointy from one side. Im wondering if fillers can make my nose more appealing. I am considering silikon 1000 for permanent results because i do not want anymore surgeries. Thank you/

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Injectible filler could work well in your situation.

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Hello artsy23,

Thanks for your question.  The soft tissue triangles will often look like what you describe after a typical narrowing procedure for the tip.  This is most common in thin skinned patients.  I think that a filler product would work fairly well in this situation to just fill in the the depressions.  I would not recommend the use of liquid silicone for several reasons: it is permanent while the nose changes with age, it is very inflammatory and can result in granuloma formation, and it is not reversible once injected without having to cut it out surgically.  I am a fan of hyaluronic acid fillers because of how well they are tolerated in the nasal tip.  Plus they can be reversed if you don't like what you see.  They are also minimally inflammatory making them much easier on the nasal tissues.

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

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