New Injector but Same Result - Left Eye Started Watering After Botox Day 1, Any Way to Get It to Stop?

From previous responses when this occured to me the 1st time, botox may have leaked to the lower left eye area & now the tears are flowing out vs. in - the normal path, so it could be a preexisting condition like an already weakened lower eye muscle? I am going to make an appt w/ an eye md as suggested previously, but is there anything a plastic surgeon or other md can do to reverse it now or get it to stop until my eye dr appt date or until it wears off in a few months?

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Eye tearing after botox

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What you are describing is unusual and before any recommendation for treatment can be made, the diagnosis should be certain. Please see an opthalmologic surgeon for a full evaluation of your tear production and your lacrimal (tear ) duct drainage system.

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Botox and eye watering

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There are some prescription eye drops that may be prescribed to help counteract ptosis which may be seen with Botox. As far as watering of the eye, I have never seen this side effect and would suggest you follow up with eye doctor to evaluate.

Steven Hacker, MD
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