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I see a great plastic surgeon and dermatologist but neither of them inject fillers into the undereye hollows, as they are concerned about potential bumps. I respect their concern, but I know it can be done with success. Can you recommend any doctors in the northern New Jersey area who have experiences and success with injecting fillers in the undereye hollows? Also, what are the important questions I would need to ask prior to proceedure? Thank you.

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The Glasgolds are great. The questions you should ask are is a filler the right solution for your problem. Under eye hollows can be a combination of fat coming forward out of the eyelid or fat loss or desent from the rim. Usually hollowing of the rim is a bigger concern. If that is the case then you can solve the problem with either a filler or fat. A filler is done in the office usually with only a couple of days of swelling and maybe some bruising, but it only lasts 9-12 months. A fat transfer has a longer down-time, but can last years.

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