Is what I have overjet? I hate smiling! How can I fix this? (Photos)

It's so ugly! I am hoping Invisalign would be an answer for this because I don't want braces again.

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Invisalign not a good option, Clear braces a better choice.

The protrusion of your upper teeth seems to be a combination of a jaw imbalance and teeth that are tipped to far.  This will probably require removal of 2 teeth on the upper and braces.  Your teeth look like they have a nice shape and that you have taken good care of them.  There is a great smile there waiting to be revealed.  Find an experienced Orthodontist and get a consultation.  Clear braces are barely visible and the better choice.

Also, as an adult, it is not possible to "stimulate" your lower jaw.  Jaw surgery is required to lengthen you lower jaw.  A good orthodontist will probably mention jaw surgery as a possible treatment option and then move on to a non surgical options.  Surgery is just not a realistic possibility or desire for most people and you could get the smile you want with out surgery.

Salem Orthodontist

Overjet correction

by seeing yr pics i feel u have skelatal cass2 pattern [ under developed lower jaw]. it such condition detailed analysis on xray is must. but if u have class2 molars, in such cases upper two premolar extraction correct over jet issue and improve facial profile. 

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
India Dentist
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Invisialign is an option

Invisalign is definitely one option however you may need to have some a couple of teeth removed on the upper to acheive better results.

Depending on your age there are also other options such as active retainers that could help stimulate the development of your lower jaw to keep up with the upper.

Just be aware that from your side profile photos, it looks like we may have a recessed lower jaw as well as the protruding upper jaw to deal with!

Hisham Kaloti, DDS
Mississauga Dentist
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