Can you have Miradry done during a breast augmentation?

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MiraDry and breast augmentation

I am unsure if you will find a plastic surgeon that would be willing to do both procedures at the same time, but it is certainly possible. If you email several doctors around your area to see if any are interested, you may find one. 
The reason I believe a plastic surgeon would not combine these two procedures is because the MiraDry does not require the use of anesthesia or large amounts of time in an operating room the same way breast augmentation does. This makes the procedure quick and easy. On the other hand, I don't see why a board certified plastic surgeon couldn't complete this operation if it is what you want and they provide the MiraDry option. 
It may be more beneficial recovery-wise to wait on the Miradry a couple of weeks until your beast has started to heal. Both procedures at the same time would certainly cause post surgical discomfort and pain. 

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