Microneedling for stretch marks? (photo)

I did microneedling on myself and over a year later my stretch marks seem different. There seems to be skin (normal skin) that has grown in certain spots while a majority is still old stretch marks so now there's like indentations between new skin and stretch mark. These new areas also seem pigmented like like the rest of my skin. I was wondering if it's possible that I need to keep doing it and will have success or what treatment I can try that's now out there? I'm a 28 year old male.

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Consult an expert for stretch mark treatment with microneedling/prp, lasers, radiofrequency

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I recommend you see an expert for microneedling which when combined with prp and other treatments can give great improvement to stretch marks. Microneedling/prp with lasers or radiofrequency devices can help build collagen and give improvement to the appearance of stretch marks. I suggest a cosmetic dermatologist with experience in the treatment of scars and who is an expert in lasers. Best, Dr. Emer.

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