I did on myself for about a few months a year ago; should I keep doing it? (Photos)

I did microneedling on myself and over a year later my stretch marks seem different. There seems to be skin (normal skin) that has grown in certain spots while a majority is still old stretch marks so now there's like indentations between new skin and stretch mark. These new areas also seem pigmented like like the rest of my skin. I was wondering if it's possible that I need to keep doing it and will have success or what treatment I can try that's now out there? I'm a 28 year old male.

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It is really hard to say with your pictures. I am just not seeing what you are describing, but I think its a resolution issue with the picture when I try to magnify. Nevertheless, I would never expect microneedling to do enough in 1 session for any scarring process including stretch marks. So, I would encourage you to give it more sessions to see the effect you are looking for particularly if you did see some positive results with just 1 time treatment. Unless there was a side effect that was unwanted, I would say doing it for 4-6 sessions about 6 weeks apart would be a better approach to maximize the effect. Some are combining PRP with microneedling as well with positive effects. But it may be time to seek the help of expert provider. Best! 

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