Is there an easy way to find doctors that have experience doing reductions on very large breasts? (Photo)

I've called a few offices that are listed with my insurance (Cigna), but the receptions have no answer when I ask about experience with large reductions. I'd prefer not to waste my time if they only do smaller reductions. I would prefer NOT to have a FNG, but I realize there may be no choice. To be more specific, I am 5'3", currently weigh 245lbs (formerly 312), and 42JJ or 44N. As I've lost weight the band size has gone down, but not cup size. Also no size change with pregnancy/breastfeeding.

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Breast reduction

I have treated many women or all different sizes.  I think the largest reduction I ever performed was about 3.5 kg's per side!  Which is about 7 or so pounds from each breast. The surgical techniques are modified based upon the different individual needs.  Best of luck!

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Large breast reductions

I have performed thousands of reductions; anyone who has operated extensively on this patient population will have had experience with larger reductions.  Cigna pays a pittance for these operations such that many surgeons may not want to spend five hours in the OR for $1500 or less.  Yes, your electrician likely has a better return on his time than we do as board certified plastic surgeons. Given that you are in New Haven, home to my alma mater, Yale University School of Medicine, you might want to reach out to the outstanding plastic surgery faculty there. Best wishes. 

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