Process for Man Who Wants Breast Implants, but Who Doesn't Plan to Do SRS?

As part of the process to give myself an increasingly feminine appearance I would like to get breast implants. I am 5'6 145# and 30 years old. The problem I have is that I do not plan on ever going through the entire SRS process. All of the information I'm finding online is about implants is for those who want SRS. What is the process for those of us who want implants but not SRS?

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Process for Man Who Wants Breast Implants, but Who Doesn't Plan to Do SRS? #breast augmentation

Thank you for your question!  As a physician who has cared for transgender woman for over a decade, I have come across many individuals not wanting SRS.  It really depends on each person's priority for undergoing feminization surgery.  While some think that the SRS is the most important transitioning issue, others place a priority on Facial Feminization Surgery or Breast Augmentation.  Typically, we ask for a therapist letter addressing gender dysphoria prior to surgery.  While it is a reversible procedure, this is a real surgery with real potential risks. So, I would speak to your surgeon and ask him or her what requirements are mandated for you to proceed with breast augmentation. 

I hope this helps!!

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Males sometimes undergo breast augmentation without gender reassignment.

Men who are living alternative lifestyles occasionally want to have breast augmentation. Medically there is no contraindication to it. There are psychological implications. The good news is that the operation is easily reversible if the patient decides the choice was poor.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Breast implants for males

I perform a lot of transgender surgery, so you'll still need to get a letter from a psychologist/psychiatrist clearing you for this type of male to female top surgery.  Then, you're clear to pursue this type of surgery.  Breast implants in a male have certain details that need to be understood and these can be discussed during a consultation.  However, the results can be wonderful giving you a much more feminine appearing look to your breasts.  Thanks for your question....Dr. Schreiber, Baltimore plastic surgeon

Male breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.  The short answer is yes, it is possible to get a breast augmentation without going through the entire sexual reassignment surgery.  The operation is nearly identical to a female breast augmentation.  The implant is placed under the muscle to prevent rippling and visibility.  

Good luck!

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Transgender breast surgery

The process is the same whether you are having SRS or not. You make an appointment and see a plastic surgeon for the surgery. There are federal laws that apply to SRS of the genitalia because those operations are not reversible. Those laws do not apply to breast implants. Not all transgender patients are the same. Some want only the genitalia surgery, others only want non-genitalia surgery and others do the procedures in different sequences over time. That is up to the patient.

I hope you realize that this format of posting questions and receiving answers lacks the face to face direct communication required for you to make an informed decision regarding your surgery.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship in order to know if this assessment is valid.

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Male Breast Augmentation

Yes, men can have breast augmentation without the full sex reassignment surgery.  I recommend that you see a surgeon who performs these operations routinely.  Good luck.

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Male breast enlargement procedure questions

The procedure itself is no different than a female undergoing a breast augmentation.  Most plastic surgeons will require medical and psychological clearance before performing this procedure.  Consult with a plastic surgeon in your area possibly ask for referral to a qualified individual for this procedure.  Avoid any non-board certified plastic surgeon.

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Breast Augmentation Process for Males

Personally, I have operated on several men who did not plan to make the full transition. So, I am you'll be able to find a surgeon to operate on you. I do ask for medical clearance for your physician that manages any hormone treatments you may be on. It's more of a formality than anything else.

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Male breast implants non SRS

Breast implants for males, though not common, are done by myself and other plastic surgeons. SRS is not a requirement that I am aware of, though certainly many do that.  A patient must convince me that he has the right motivations and mind set before I will do this.  Best of luck to you.

James E. Chappell, MD
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