How can I treat the small round scars on my legs? I have been told they can't be removed due to their age. (photos)

I'm 43 year old Asian. I have many small round old scars on my legs. I was told that these scars can’t be removed since the scars have already lightened. If the age of the scars is the problem, I’m wondering if it’s possible to cut the old scars out, sew the skin back together, then use Fraxel Repair on the resulting new scar. Alternatively, I have some fat in my legs that can probably be removed, and cut off the excess skin. I don’t really mind if I need to go through multiple procedures.

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Scars on Legs and Options

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I would not have surgery on these spots.  The legs heal poorly and the chance of worse scars with pigmentation is very high.  You can try laser treatments with Fraxel or a radiofrequency device like Elos Plus Sublative, but you are only looking to get some improvement.  No one will be able to promise you clearance.  Find a laser expert with experience in treating scars.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Scar Revision for White Scars

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Hi SM.  You have a touch situation to work with.  As told to you previously, treating white scars is very difficult.

The option you noted (surgically removing them) is a possibility.  The problem is that the natural tension of the skin in the legs can cause them to open up again, which would leave you with the same problem, but larger because the incision will be large (longer than the existing scar) to get around it.  We would be very hesitant to recommend this because of the potential for the scars opening up again.

In rare cases, we recommend considering permanent makeup to try and darken the scars to match better with the surrounding skin.  While this option is not ideal, we use it in situations where the patient is desperate and we do not have great alternatives.

Finally, one very expensive option that you may or may not find in your area is tissue expanders.  Tissue expanders are commonly used for burn patients when a surgeon wants to remove a piece of skin and needs to expand it so that it closes together cleanly after the surgery.  This is a specialty that is very unique.  It has the potential to work for your situation but finding the right practitioner and justifying the expense will be the issue.  Good luck.

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