New Hampshire Plastic Surgeons and Financing?

I'm looking for a surgeon in New Hampshire. I would like a tummy tuck and possibly breast implants, to fix my after effects of two pregnancies. I was wondering how much consultations fees usually are, and if there are any financing options for people with bad credit? The monthly payments are not an issue, I just messed up my credit when I was younger.

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Plastic surgery financing is available

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In addition to the recommendations given by Dr Kavali, you can also go to and search for Board Certified plastic surgeons in your zip code.  There are other financing companies out there but Care Credit is one my office uses quite a lot and our patients have had good experiences with them.  I have no financial interest in the company. 

Here in Northern California, cosmetic consultations are often free of charge or at least pretty inexpensive.  Probably the same is true in your area.  Good luck finding your doc.

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Plastic surgeon and financing recommendations for your Mommy Makeover

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The best place to start looking for a plastic surgeon is .  It is the website of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and its members are all certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Do NOT seek a "cosmetic surgeon", as that type of doctor is typically board-certified in some unrelated specialty, but has decided to start doing cosmetic surgery without doing the full training that we undergo.  Do you want your gynecologist or family practice doctor doing your surgery?  (that could be your "cosmetic surgeon")

Once you've narrowed the field to only board-certified plastic surgeons, then start asking friends and family for recommendations.  You might be surprised who, in your circle of family and friends, has had experience with plastic surgery procedures or knows someone who does.  Or ask your primary doctor for recommendations.

Then look at lots of websites.  Look at the before/after photos and get a feel for the practice.  Then have a few consultations---most of us do charge for consultations, but I'm not sure what the going rate is in NH.  Just call some offices to get an idea.  There are lots of financing options--each office will offer something different, so that's a discussion to have at the end of your consultation or when you first call each office.

Carmen Kavali, MD
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