Will Invisalign work for me? (photos)

I have severe over crowding, over bite and I believe my upper jaw is also underdeveloped. This is caused from mouth breathing as a child. I'm not sure what the best course of action is for my mouth but I've been living with the humiliation all my life and I need it fixed. Or is there is any other options to help and how long would it take?

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Choose the Right Doctor

Your appearance and self-esteem can be dramatically improved with a combination of
orthodontic treatment first, and yes accelerated Invisalign would be my choice. With acceleration I can move teeth more predictably.  Phase 2 of treatment would be porcelain restorations as needed to complete the look
you want.

Without knowing your age, condition of your teeth, and without having x-rays it is difficult to give a full treatment plan. 

You can have a beautiful smile with the right plan, so be sure to pick the right doctor as this case requires considerable experience in more than one field of dentistry.

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Fix Crowded Tooth

In your case there is need oral treatment before doing invisalign. So I would recommend you to visit your nearby best dentist facility for treatment or consultancy.

Shahin Safarian, DMD
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