Is it possible to get implants and then a lift after if both are recommended? I need about 275cc implants and also a lift.

I need about 275cc implants and also a lift. I would highly prefer to get them done together but if my doctor doesn't recommend that I would like to get the implants first. Is that possible?

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Lift with or without implants

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. 

I use implants in combination with a lift when:

  1. The patient wants to be larger in addition to being less droopy
  2. The patient desires to maintain projection and roundness of the breast mound
  3. The drooping is severe..... I recommend to see a board certified plastic surgeon for a personal evaluation and also to talk about your goals.

I suggest to do both procedures at once, as a surgeon a do not recommend and do not performed a breast implants withut lift if a patient really need it, because is not sthetic, the final results wont be good and the patient wont be happy.

I recommend to make an appointment with a board certified surgeon for an evaluation and to talk abuot what kind of lift do you need and to talk about your goals.

Good luck :)

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants, then a lift ?

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The vast majority of time,I do breast augmentation with a lift at the same time.  It is much more cost effective and the two operations complement each other nicely.  At times, only one procedure will be chosen by the patient. If only one procedure is chosen, it is important to address the area that is most bothersome.  For example, if sag is the most bothersome aspect, consider a lift.  If most bothered by lack of size and fullness above, then consider as the one procedure the breast augmentation.  The reason behind this is that there is always the possibility you are happy with just the first procedure and choose not the do both.  Of course the most reliable information would be from an in person formal consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  

Thomas Hubbard, MD, FACS
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Staged breast lift and augmentation

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It is possible to have the lift and augmentation performed separately and it definitely helps make the outcome more predictable. I would recommend performing the lift first and then the augmentation but it is a matter of surgeon preference. Good luck. 

Salem Samra, MD
Middletown Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Aug and lift. To stage or not to stage.

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Some plastic surgeons will do augmentations and lifts at the same time and others do not.  This stems from the fact, the rate of complications with combining the 2 operations is higher.  Also the operations are at odds with each other:  The lift is tightening the skin and the augmentation is stretching the skin.  If you create a fresh suture line with the lift and then stretch that suture line with an augmentation it may result in incision line healing problems.  I prefer to approach this issue this way.  If a patient has significant ptosis, I do the lift 1st as this creates a lifted, youthful breast and allow this to settle and then do the augmentation at a later date.  If there is only a small amount of ptosis, I do the augmentation 1st as it may elevate the nipple areolar complex enough to satisfy the patient.  If not, a lift can be done under local anesthesia at some point in the future.

Timing of a breast lift and augmentation procedure

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My preference is to do these two procedures at the same time.  However, if you do choose to stage them one would typically perform the lift first as opposed to your suggestion of doing the augmentation and then the lift.  Not to contradict myself...  but if you needed just a tiny bit of nipple elevation and hoped that the implant would provide an adequate lift I would then think it reasonable to proceed with the implant first.  Hope this is not too confusing!

Staging breast surgeries

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If you need a lift, the best and usually most affordable time to have that done is at the augmentation procedure. Some doctors still stage these operations, but that is very rare. Waiting for a second procedure just prolongs the inevitable, sets you up for two recoveries and additional cost.

You should see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to get a formal opinion through an in-person consultation.

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Vincent P. Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Staging Breast Surgery

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In most cases patients have their breast lift and breast augmentation done at the same time. The benefits are one surgery, one recovery, and more cost effective. I'm not sure why your ps wouldn't want to perform both at the same time, unless he/she is thinking it's possible to get the result you want with augmentation alone? It's definitely possible to have breast augmentation first. If it's determined a breast lift is needed to further improve your result, this can be done at a later date (6 months post-op or longer). 

Best of Luck!

Breast augmentation and lift. Some advices:

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Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us.
In my practice i usually perform those procedures in the same surgical time.
In this regard, i recommend a breast augmentation with breast lift to get a bigger breast with adecuate projection. In other words, you need breast volume (implants) and you need breast projection (the lift).

I recommend you, to use a microtexturized highly cohesive silicon implant ("gummy bear" implants), with high projection, and volumes between 300ml-500ml to fill the breasts properly.

Finally, to perform the breast lift I recommend a Periareolar Round Block Breast Lift ("Benelli mastopexy"), which has an unnoticed scar around the areola, and if we see (in the surgery) that we can't obtain adecuate projection just with the Benelli Lift, we have to perform a "Lollipop breast lift".

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.- 

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Lift and implants

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You can stage them if you want. Some patients want it this way especially if they are borderline.  Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation With or Without Breast Lift

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It is indeed possible to do both procedures simultaneously. However, if you're comfortable with your plastic surgeon, and would like to go with him/her, then yes, you can have the breasts augmentation with implants first followed by a breast lift approximately six months later once the implants have settled. Best of luck! And good for you for treating yourself!

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