Why are my nostils uneven? (photo)

Hello everyone. So 17 days ago i had an open rhinoplasty and they did alot of work on pretty much my whole nose. And i know that i need to be patient and give my nose some time to heal since it's only been 17 days but i noticed that my nostrils look very uneven. (Take a look at the photo I added). And my question is .. could this be from the swelling ...? I'm kinda worried. Thank you.

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Nostrils uneven after rhinoplasty

There are many reasons the nostrils may appear asymmetric following rhinoplasty (assuming they were perfectly symmetric before surgery which is unusual!). You are still very early in the healing process so much of the nose will continue to evolve over the next several months. The nostrils might be distorted somewhat by the nasal tape, or they could be asymmetrically swollen. If cartilage grafts were placed in the region that may also be causing some slight distortion and would need to be evaluated once you are fully healed.  The way in which the nasal incisions are closed at the end of the surgery can also affect the shape and appearance of the nostrils. I recommend you raise your concerns with your surgeon to discuss further. Good luck and happy healing!

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