Early lateral displacement of the left breast- 13 days after revision surgery? (Photo)

I had a revision after my first surgery. I had a full lift (again), repostion of the implant in the right breast (260ml), new implant in the left breast with 350ml. I can feel and see, that the left implant is shifting to the side. You can see a bump. My surgeon ist not worried but I am, because the same thing happend with the first surgery! I am wondering if wearing a compression band will help to push the implant to the correct position. I need help. What would you do, if i were your patient?

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Lateral displacement

It is very early to begin evaluating the results of your surgery.  The appearance of your implants and breasts will change significantly in the next few months.  Your implants still appear to be sitting high, so when they "drop" into place, they may not displace laterally as they do now.  I recommend patience and followup/contact with your surgeon as they have ordered.  Happy Holidays!

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