Why do my breasts with mentor implants while touching feel like they have lumps like hollow-irregularities? (photos)

Hi, I'm three months post op (mentor 325 ml), my breast look very nice, no pain or discomfort of any type. But under my fingers i can feel lots of hollow- irregularities, on both sides the same. Just the area around my nipples is smooth. Can you please tell me what can be causing that?

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The ridges you can are ripples in the breast implant and this is very common. You should address your concerns with your plastic surgeon, but you're basically feeling the breast implant shell.

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Palpable irregularities are more common in thin women

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Thanks for the question and pics.  #Irregularities which are appreciated by running your fingertips over the base and outer aspect of the breasts are more common in thin women who had little breast tissue, preop.  Even silicone gel implants can produce this effect, especially in post-mastectomy patients.  Be reassured that this is an expected result, which doesn't detract from your early results, which are nice.  Discuss your concerns with your PS and consider the options offered but don't feel pressured to proceed, unless the ripples and/or scallops bother you significantly. 

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Implant irregularities

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Congratulations on your recent surgery! It is difficult to determine from a picture alone but I suspect that what is bothering you is rippling from the implants. Are your implants over the muscle? Are they saline? Both factors increase the likelihood that you will feel or see rippling. There are things that can be done to improve this such as placing the implant under the muscle, changing to a Memorygel or Memoryshape breast implant, fat grafting to increase the thickness of the breast tissue over the muscle, or adding an acellular dermal matrix to increase the internal thickness. I would discuss all of this with your surgeon who knows you and your anatomy best.

Good luck!

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