1 year after Breast Augmentation with anchor Lifting - what went wrong? (Photo)

In November 2013 I made a breast Augmentation (375 cc round implantant used) together with an anchor Lifting.Also he wanted to reduce my breast Nippels and made them smaller. 8,5 months after breast Operation i got pregnant and therefore my breasts got more volume and began sagging again too. But the most Problem ist that my nipples look really disproportionate and not correctly cut. Is that the fault of the doctor or is it caused through the fast pregnancy after Operation? bad result isn`t it?

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Talk to your surgeon

It looks like there is some visible scarring around your areolae. Pregnancy tends to make your breasts grow bigger and the areolae to enlarge as well, and the scarring can become more obvious as a result. I'd suggest talking to your surgeon if you're unhappy with your results. Revision surgery may be performed but only after you've waited at least 6 months following delivery or stopping breastfeeding (whichever is later).

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Results of breast surgery after pregnancy

Thanks for sharing. It's hard to say exactly but certainly after pregnancy significant breast changes typically occur. Surgical changes do not prevent pregnancy related change. Have you spoken with or visited with your  board certified plastic surgeon? He/she is the best place to start. Best wishes

David C. Yao, MD, FACS
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Pregnancy In The Early Post-Operative Period

Your pictures suggest recurrent breast sag, breast enlargement, distortion of the nipple areolas and significant scarring following breast lift surgery combined with breast augmentation surgery. Whether this is the result of poor surgical technique or the impact of pregnancy in the immediate post-operative period is hard to know without early post-operative pictures.

Based on your history, pregnancy eight months after surgery may have been a significant contributing factor to these problems. Even when the procedure is performed perfectly, this type of problem can occur. It's important to understand that pregnancy is associated with significant changes in a woman's breasts. During pregnancy, the breasts rapidly increase in size as the breast tissue responds to the changing hormonal environment. When these changes occur before wound healing is complete, they can have significant consequences. Under these circumstances, pregnancy can cause distortion of the areola, spread of scars, recurrent breast sag and breast hypertrophy.

Irregardless of the cause, revisional surgery is probably necessary to correct these changes. In this case, revisional breast lift surgery is necessary to re-elevate the nipple areola and correct distortion of the nipple areola.

Under these circumstances, it's important to consult your plastic surgeon and discuss your treatment options. Your surgeon should be able to outline a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic findings and achieves your aesthetic goals.

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1 year after Breast Augmentation with anchor Lifting - what went wrong

Thank you for your question.  Difficult to answer without looking at your pre pregnancy photos. Pregnancy will affect the breast and final result.  Discuss with your Plastic Surgeon your concerns.  Best Wishes.

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Pregnancy to blame

Without any intermediate pics from the period in between the settled results prior to getting pregnant it is impossible to guess if the primary work could have been done in better fashion; however your present situation is closely connected to the pregnancy effects.

You need:
-full breast pattern revision of the uplift with new elevation, resection of skin and gland and reshaping, a full rebuild
-new implants, preferably anatomical and, if available, polyurethane coated ones to achieve maxium adherence (seems you have slided down implants at this present time)

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Areola too large after augmentation and lift

Pregnancy will definitely change your breasts and often tbe areola size.  Reducing them in.size can easily be done, even under local ane

Thomas A. Mustoe, MD, FACS
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