Is it possible to have a new extended chin implant placed over the existing one or I need to first have the old one taken out?

I´m a 32 year old male who is not satisfied with the breadth of my Medpor two-piece chin implant. Namely, despite being physically fit, my pre-jowls and jowls are beginning to sag and I would want to have it replaced with a new one, but fear possible complications due to tissue-in-growth. My main concern is my jowls and I think I´d benefit from having an extended chin implant... What am I to do?

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Extended Chin Implant for Pre-Jowl/Jowl Sagging

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if you look carefully at the arc measurements of a Medpor two-piece chin implant and that of an extended chin implant, they are not that much different. To really achieve some prejowl and jowl augmentation, you will likely have to consider a custom implant design to replace your existing chin implant. Even if an existing extended chin implant would work, you would still need to remove your existing chin implant to do so.

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