What's the reason for very hard lumps at scar end and a bulge above pubic area?

I'm 5 months after tt,had to have Seroma drained 3/4 times and weeks of anti biotics. Surgeon advised massage and to wait a year.pls advise

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Lumpy scars

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All patients scar differently. Certainly massage can aid in reducing the the lumpy and irregular areas of a scar while it undergoes a maturation process. 

If this area also is developing a seroma deep to the scar further inflammatory cells can contribute to the delayed process and can result in a more varied response to scar maturation. Once a seroma is detected, drainage is indicated. While most seromas resolves spontaneously, a certain number can persist and form a pseudocapsule. Treatment of such a situation is best addressed in a case by case basis. Consult with your surgeon for an evaluation.

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