Please can someone advise if this weird wonky nose will resolve? Also my nostril shape ( nostrils weren't touched) (Photo)

Please can you advise if my nose will straighten out. I am exactly 8 weeks out and I am so scared I'll have to have another operation in 6 months or whatever. That's not exactly what I want to do. It's slightly wonky when people look straight at me. The left hand side. Please someone help x

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Residual Nasal Deviation after Rhinoplasty

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I understand your concern.  Preoperative photos would help in assessing whether or not this is a result of the surgery or a return of the septal cartilage to its previous form.  If a septoplasty was done, the septal cartilage often has 'memory' for its previous shape and unless it is corrected with cartilage grafts will return to some version of its previous form.  It would also be important to know if osteotomies (repositioning of the nasal bones) were performed that the same time.  This may also be a factor contributing to the asymmetry.

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