What is the time to wait between 2 Liposuction surgeries (arms, abdomen and back)?

I had my first liposuction surgery this sunday, and it was on my back, the PS extracted 8 liters of fats and I'm supposed to get my second surgery next Sunday (one week apart from the first one) in my arms and abdomen, i was wondering if that is safe?

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Timing between liposuction surgery

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in my practice we will do surgeries as early as 2-3 days apart depending on the area treatment, amount removed, and medical status of the patient.  however, 8 liters? that is way above the recommended removal guidelines and in this case you should wait longer to ensure you recover and heal well.  large volume removal can cause swelling and change in volume status that affects the liver, kidney and heart.  it is best to give your body more time to recover.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Time between liposuction surgeries

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Thanks for your question.  If a patient wants multiple areas liposuctioned or if they have a high BMI, my recommendation sometimes is to split the areas into two surgeries, at least two weeks apart to allow adequate healing and fluid and electrolyte recovery after the first liposuction surgery.  Hope this helps...best of luck!

Liposuction treatments back to back

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I would recommend staging it a bit further apart. The reason why there is an upper limit on liposuction is that it may cause imbalances in electrolytes and may make you anemic. Speak with your surgeon. 

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