How long does chronic telogen effluvium last and will the hair get it 's density as before?

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Typically the density is not as it was before

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It is hard to tell how long it will last. It may be persistent for years, with periods of resolve. Typically the density is not as it was before. It is best to find a hair transplant surgeon to help rule out any underlying conditions and follow you with photographs and documentation

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Not easy to answer

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This is tough to answer because chronic telogen efffluvium is stress-related. The best answer is it may regain it's density and it lasts as long as the stress is creating the condition, which isn't that helpful. However, there is alot of options for hair loss/regrowth. I have great results with progesterone and PRP injections in the scalp. Also hair transplants are another option. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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