Which laser is the best for dark skin? Is there any side effect for the laser for the pregnant women?

which laser is the best for dark skin? and there is any side effect for the laser for the pregnant women? is the Indiag laser is the best for the dark skin or not?

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Laser for dark skin and pregnant women

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We here at CFA use the Luminis Light Sheer Duet for all skin types.. We are able to adjust the energy levels accordingly with minimal side effect and with very nice results. As far as side effects with lasers for pregnant women it is recommended that laser is put on hold until after you have your baby

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Laser and Pregnancy

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Lasers are great cosmetic procedures but these cosmetic procedures are generally not done during pregnancy. I would consult with a board certified dermatologist to explain what the goal of the laser would be for so that you have the best cosmetic results.  If you have darker skin and are doing the laser for acne scars or wrinkles then I prefer the eMatrix laser.

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