I plucked all the hairs after the first laser treatment by 2 days. Have I ruined the session? Givng the hair was stubborn

The hair was stubborn and needed to be plucked and didnt fall put of it is one as mentioned, i plucked all the hairs does that mean that the session was not effecieint.

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For the most effective results, avoid plucking or waxing your hair during your laser hair removal treatment.

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Unfortunately, when you pluck your hair, there is nothing left for the laser to target during your next treatment, unless it has time to regrow. This can make the process much less efficient, as you’ll need to wait until there is enough hair regrowth in order to proceed with your next session. If it was only a few hairs that you plucked, you should be fine to continue with your next session, but if it was a larger area, you may need to wait. In the future, try to avoid plucking or waxing your hair until your entire round of sessions is complete. You can still shave, though, in the meantime. I would suggest discussing this with your cosmetic surgeon or laser technician to determine how best to move forward. Good luck!

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