New Dubai Laser Hair Removal and IPL Regulation

Can you explain why Dubai has a new law that requires those who get laser treatment for removal of unwanted hair must undergo a complete physical and clinical exams prior to the treatment, including hormonal tests for some. Dubai has also required that salons start to treat 'patients' instead of 'clients' as part of this change. Thank you for helping me understand this.

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Dubai Laser Hair Removal and IPL Regulation

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I am sure about Dubai, but in the US, hair removal lasers are FDA classified as surgical lasers. As a consequence of the classification level and the potential damage that can be caused by the uninformed use of the device, hair removal lasers may only be sold to physicians.  These lasers may be operated by physicians or qualified medical providers that have been trained and certified.

The updated Dubai regulations may be for the above reason and for making sure that both the provider and the patient understand that this seemingly easy procedure of laser hair reduction requires a significant  amount of understanding of laser physics and safety as well as the hair cycle and causes of unwanted hair.

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