Using a New Dr. After 1st Surgery?

Had implants 9 years ago. The results were less than I expected. Now I am having problems with pain and hardening. Should I consult with original Dr. or seek a better one?

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Using a New Dr. After 1st Surgery

Unless you have lost confidence in your surgeon, then you should continue with him/her. You chose your original surgeon for a reason, and he/she understands your case better than any new surgeon. Moreover, your surgeon has a vested interest in ensuring your happiness.

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Revision Breast Surgery?

Thank you for your question.

It's really up to you if you go back to your 1st PS or meet other plastic surgeons to see if you are comfortable with another plastic surgeon to do your surgery.  You should ask yourself if you were given good care after your first surgery and if the problems you are now experiencing are the problems that the plastic surgeon could have prevented. Capsular contracture happens to a % of women and they have to have revisionary surgery - capsular contracture is not necessarily something caused by a poor surgeon.

I hope this helps.

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Changing Doctors

As the previous posters have elucidated, it comes down to whether your original results were as you expected, if you were happy with them, and if your trust in your surgeon was unsurpassed.  The only concerning  factor would be is if there is something else going on with your original surgeon that causes you concerns or reservations as admittedly, people change over time.  Often original surgeons do provide a patient appreciation discount when you return too.  So consider everything and go where your instincts tell you to.

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Capsular contracture

Capsular contracture is a known problem that occurs with some implants. If you were happy earlier after your surgery but now things have changed, I would return to your original surgeon. It is your body's response to the foreign body that is building up scar tissue. If however, you were never really happy, then I would consider getting another opinion. Capsular contracture problems do recur, but hopefully you are happier this time.

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Pain and hardening 9 years after implants--new surgeon recommended?

You have developed capsular contracture, which after 9 years is usually related to either some sort of minor trauma causing bleeding, or the introduction of bacteria around your implant(s) stimulating capsule thickening and contracture. Capsular contracture (CC) can pull on or stretch sensory nerves causing pain, and although the implants never "harden," the tight capsule can make your breasts quite firm and uncomfortable.

If you looked good in the first years after your surgery, then your present situation is not a fault of your surgeon's, and of course you should return to the surgeon you chose and trusted in the first place.

If you had less-than-ideal results initially, and things have only gotten worse as time has gone by, finally reaching a "tipping point" of needing more surgery to deal with this now-intolerable situation, then by all means seek consultation(s) with one or more ABPS-certified plastic surgeons who do lots of breast surgery. If your initial surgeon does little cosmetic breast surgery, or you have found out that he or she is not a "real" plastic surgeon, then certainly find a reputable, experienced, ABPS-certified plastic surgeon for your next surgery. It will likely be a much more involved surgery that requires both proper decision-making and greater-than-average technical skill in order to minimize the potential for re-operation after your re-operation! Best wishes!

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Changing plastic surgeons

Certainly, change if you like but ask yourself if the issues you had were his/her fault or were they just that your body didn't let you have the result you wanted?  Was the care good, were the staff excellent?  Trust your gut instinct and either go back or change.

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