Want to reduce hair fall?

I am a 30 year old female , 2 years back I had long thick hair but since then I have had continuous hairfall and the problem is still there and my hair have left to one third of what I used to have 2 years back.really in a mental trauma of hairfall, what should I do. Please suggest?

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Female hai loss

The pattern of your hair loss will help with diagnosis. For instance, general hair thinning could be related to thyroid disease, hormonal imbalances, or stress. Patches of complete hair loss would suggest alopecia aerata. Or you may have more of a male-pattern loss of hair. Regardless, I recommend you be seen and evaluated, likely with blood work involved. Then we will know better how to treat the problem.

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Famels hair loss

Female hair loss is complex and requires a doctor to investigate it in great detail including blood testing, see below

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Want to reduce hair fall?

Thanks for your query. Hair fall is very common these days and could be due to stress, nutritional deficiency, any underlying problem, prolonged medication, hormonal imbalances, etc. you should undergo various tests and diagnose underlying problem and start the medication accordingly.

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