Just went through PDL for Port Wine Stain. The doctor used Cynergy. There is no bruising/swelling. Was the treatment effective?

This is the second session with PDL. At the last session I developed a huge boil which resulted in a scar that took 6 months to go. So I told the doctor to be milder. Last session also resulted in swelling, however after this session my skin is normal. All throughout the second session the doctor was spraying cool air on the area to be treated. I am 30 years old with extremely sensitive skin. Is treatment of PWS possible without bruising?

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Port Wine Stain

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The PDL laser admits light that is absorbed by the blood vessels. We can change the settings to target different size blood vessels. PWS have many different size vessels so it takes multiple treatments to be fully successful. 

In light of your previous burn I am sure the settings were set low. It is important to have a cooling mechanism with this laser so it is good they used cooled air the second time.

I would not be discouraged by the lack of bruising. I am sure they are only being cautious. Make sure to tell your surgeon when you return for the next treatment though as the settings can likely be increased. Every patient is different with a slightly different skin tone and absorption so it is a bit of trial and error with each patient.

I hope this helps.

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