Will palatal expansion work in 24 years old adult? (photo)

I am 23 years old male. My upper two incisors are inclined forward. My dentist said I have little posterior crossbite and prescribed me to wear a hyrax expansion screw for palatal expansion and braces. I want to know does palatal expansion works after fusion of maxillary suture, as in adults? Or in my case can I avoid palatal expansion and just go with braces?

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True jaw bone expansion must be done before suture is fused

The suture in the middle of your upper jaw generally fuses during the teenaged years.  In order for adults to have true jaw expansion, surgery is generally required to split the suture.  This does not mean that the teeth themselves cannot be expanded.  However, dental expansion instead of skeletal expansion can sometimes lead to instability of the teeth.  My advice is for you to go and see an orthodontic specialist to receive a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.  Good luck!

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