My doctor suggested me septoplasty. But i also want to make my nose well shaped do I need Rhinoplasty for the hump? (photo)

what should i do to make my nose a better shaped one???

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Rhinoplasty will change the shape of the nose

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Sam998, thank you for your question.  99% of the time, a "septoplasty" should have little to no change in the appearance of the nose.  If you desire a specific change in appearance, then yes, you will need a "rhinoplasty" to achieve this.  To accomplish both, the terms are often combined as "septorhinoplasty." For hump reduction, there is some need to rasp or even break bones and sometimes reducing the appearance of the hump is accomplished by changing the shape of the tip of the nose.  Neither of these maneuvers would fall under tha category of septoplasty. 

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