Choosing the clinic for hair transplant?

Hi, I am from India. As there are 500+ clinics in India, it is very difficult to choose which one is the best. All have variable packages for hair transplant. Some very costly and some optimum. Each clinic says they have experienced doctors and few of them even showed their doctors qualified certificates. I have chosen one clinic but to testify that it is really the best? What all key points I should be asking them for knowing their expertise? Regards

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It is best to start by seeing a doctor in person. Interview several doctors until you find a doctor you feel

It is best to start by seeing a doctor in person.  Interview several doctors until you find a doctor you feel comfortable.  Ask your doctor if you can meet former patients (so you can see results first hand).

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Finding Best Qualified Hair Transplant Surgeon

Very good question and I hope you will find the advice here helpful for your search in India.

1. Find a full time hair restoration surgeon with lots of experience. In the USA there are less than 100 physicians who devote their practice solely to hair restoration.

2. Meet directly with the doctor who performs the surgery.

3. Do they have a lot of before and after pictures of their patients on line first and then in person?

4. Are the members of the ISHRS (The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)?

5. Are they board certified in hair restoration surgery by the American or International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery(ABHRS)?

Good for you for desiring to find the most qualified surgeon to place your trust in!

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Choosing clinics for hair transplantation

The best way to find the best of the doctor is to go to the ISHRS web site and locate doctors on their lists. These doctors participate in educational courses and usually are the best in the field

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