1 month post FUE beard transplant questions

I'm a film maker and my job requires being outdoor for several hours a day but after the transplant I stayed away from work and avoided direct sun exposure for more then a couple of mins and even when I did I did it using a handkerchief tied on face. I'm thinking of resuming work now. Will it be completely fine to get back to work and not be scared of direct sunlight on beard (of course with sunscreen) ? PS: Theres some skin hyper pigmentation too, what could be the reason? How will it go away

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Sunlight & Hyperpigmentation

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Just be conscious of how much sun the area is getting. Generally at 3 months you don't need to worry anymore so at 1 month be careful. As long as you are good about using sunscreen and give the area shade when you can it will probably be okay, just do your best to avoid getting burned. For the hyperpigmentation it depends on the severity + location so it's best to talk to your doctor.

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Sun exposure will not affect hair growth. Doctors generally tell you to avoid the sun to prevent discoloration of your skin.

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Sun exposure will not affect hair growth.  Doctors generally tell you to avoid the sun to prevent discoloration of your skin while it is healing.

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Baldev Sandhu MD

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Yes it is okay to resume regular work schedule for short periods of time. Keep the area covered from direct sunlight. Because it can make the hyper pigmentation worse. Always use sunscreen. Ask your doctor about the hyper pigmentation and what he or she recommends.

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Baldev Sandhu MD

Sun exposure

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I recommend sunscreen and protecting the area that was transplanted as much as you can. Avoid long periods of sun exposure especially so soon after the transplant. Hyperpigmentation you are experiencing may get worse with prolonged sun exposure. If you are concerned with the hyperpigmentation you are having, see the surgeon who performed your procedure.

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Sun Exposure and a Hair Restoration.

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It's ok to briefly be in direct sunlight for the first three months post op. However do not allow direct sun exposure for an extended period of time and definitely do not sustain a sunburn. UV radiation can potentially be harmful to your new grafts.


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Short bursts of sunlight is never a problem, just being outdoors at a beach or playing ball all day in a hot sun is the problem

William Rassman, MD
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