My hair is thinning day by day. Most of hair at the top of my head fell out and I've tried everything

Dr . My dob is 04/07/1998..When i was 18 ....i noticed my hair is thinning and....falling.....Dr. i consulted a dr. He went through my hair problem....he told me iron and protein deficiency...causes of your hair loss but dr ...after having medicine......i seemed no no improvement... My diet is all about hair diet daily i consume....dr i am so tensed....i cant continue my studies because of it...plzz dr ...let me know the cause 

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Hair loss

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It would take pictures and and a good examination of you to help you. With you in India, this would be very difficult. There is certainly not enough detailed information to help you

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Cause of hair loss

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It's not possible to determine the cause of your hair loss with the limited information you have provided here. In order to diagnose the cause of a person's hair loss a full and complete review of their story is needed and the opportunity must be given to examine the scalp up close. In addition some individual's need blood tests and rarely a biopsy too before the final diagnosis can be rendered.  Please see a physician in concerns persist. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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