Is There Something to Correct or Fade Irregular Discoloration Caused from Lipo?

I have light bruise like marks on my inner thighs from tuminescent lipo I had performed on my thighs a year ago. There wasn't much fat to be removed and it may have been over done. I find it hard to believe with all the procedures out there that this irregular discoloration is permanent as I have read on the internet. Is there anything new that could help repair or lighten the marks such as any of the facial procedures?

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Time is best option for skin discoloration after liposuction

The discoloration that occurs after liposuction may be due to several factors including bruising or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The former can resolve within 3-4 weeks whereas the latter may last years. Some feel arcnica and/or manula lymphatic drainage may help but time is generally the best.

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Discoloration from liposuction on the thighs

bruises are gone in a few weeks. Possibly you have iron pigmentation from the blood cells, similar to a tattoo, but one that your own body produced after healing. Laser reduction of pigmentation could cause scarring, hypopigmentation (lighter color) permanently and even postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (darker) pigmentation. Another possibility is that the discoloration is related to more visible veins in focal areas than actual skin pigmentation.

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