New bump on my nose 1 month post rhinoplasty: Is this swelling? (Photo)

I had a closed rhinoplasty a month ago to have my nose shaved a little so I can have a nicer profile, the tip reduced, the side walls brought in. My profile now looks hideous, my nose was straight before from the profile view. Now I have a bump, is it possible this is swelling? If so is it possible for it to go down enough for my nose to be straight? ! My next appnt with my surgeon is at the 3 month mark. Please don't just tell me talk to my surgeon about it because I'm obviously going to. Thanks

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Bump on nose one month after rhinoplasty

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Without knowing what you looked like before or even a week or two after it is difficult to say,. It could be swelling.  I know you don't want to hear it, but it IS best to review with your surgeon during an exam. Either way you'll have to wait at this point.  Good luck.

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New bump on my nose 1 month post rhinoplasty: Is this swelling?

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   Swelling can mask features of the nose on the dorsum for at least 6 months, so 1 month is pretty earlier to be making any decisions about the final result.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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