Bad rhinoplasty. Lack of Support and Understanding. What does a patient do when they are alone in their journey to revision?

I have sent my pictures to many surgeons that I have first researched extensively and they have all said I have significant issues from what they can tell. Most of the best revision surgeons are far away so I can't visit them in person yet. My family refuses to see that anything is wrong and this is very disorienting. Is it common for family or others to really not see issues that are clearly present? The negative change is obvious to me and those i consult, so why is Not to my own parents?

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Lack of Support From Family and Friends after "Bad" Rhinoplasty

I always advise rhinoplasty patients, whether they are considering a primary or revision procedure, that they should consult with expert experienced surgeons and listen to friends or family members but the ultimate decision should be in their best interest and not to satisfy those around them.

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Surgical complication and family support

Unfortunately it is very common for well meaning friends and family members not to help an individual doing a very tough journey of complications related to surgery.  You have to understand that most of the time your friends and family are not trained or equipped in handling and understanding such complicated issues as rhinoplasty complications.

You have to use a 2 pronged approach.  First is dealing with the stress related to the issue which can be overburdening and all encompassing and draining.If you cannot find anyone to lean on then you should see a psychologist to help you through this stressful time.  The second issue is to undergo a revision surgery with realistic expectations and find a surgeon that you feel very comfortable with.  Do not forget that the risk of complications is higher with a revision surgery as opposed to primary surgery.


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Friends and family commonly are looking to protect you from further surgery

I see a lot of patients for revision rhinoplasty who were told by their family and friends that nothing is wrong with their nose. They are looking to protect you and tend to bring up the late Michael Jackson. However, with each surgery he had more and more nose reduction. Revision rhinoplasty is more about balance and quite often adding grafts to support and reshape your nose. I also find that computer imaging helps a lot with visualizing potential results.

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