Are there fillers to enhance the size and length of my nipples?

My nipples are not inverted, but they are flat. Are there any fillers that would give them great size and definition?

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Dermal Fillers for Flat Nipples

Hello Ms. Stockstill, 

Fillers can be used to enhance, create and shape body parts. It would be good to see a doctor with lots of experience. Flat nipples can be successfully reshaped with surgery. However, if you do not want to undergo the surgical experience, try hyaluronic acid fillers. (These fillers can be dissolved.)  Have realistic expectations, a little can go a long way. Do small amounts and probably do it over 3-4 treatments, to be sure that the mucosa will expand and change shape. It could be somewhat painful, and will probably need re-treatments annually. Discuss this with your doctor, in great detail. Be prepared to take care of your nipples with ice and an anti-inflammatory such as Advil for a few days post treatment, each time.

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