Is it easy for new implants to tear?

I don't have photos because I'm worried about the inside of my boob. I got my breast augmentation last week 11/8. And today is 11/15. I took my dog out because I had no one else to help me at the moment, she yanked me pretty hard. I'm wondering if my implant might have torn a little. They feel fine but I'm worried.

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Durability of Breast Implants

Based on what you described, it doesn’t seem like there was any damage to the implant (they’re pretty durable), but if you notice a change in your symptoms you should see your surgeon. Symptoms such as tenderness/pain bruising or discoloration, swelling, etc. are indicators that something may be wrong.

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Torn implant ?

very unlikely to have torn the implant.  It could have caused a hematoma but you would know that by pain swelling and bruising.

William Jervis, Jr., MD
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Breast implants

Dropping a silicone breast implant from you hands will not rupture it. It would take a car wreck or possibly a fall to break the implant.  Trauma that you describe should be fine.

Keith Denkler, MD
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Breast Aug

Thank you for your question.  It is unlikely that the implant was damaged.  I too, would be more concerned with damage to the tissues that could cause bleeding.   Be sure to follow up with you surgeon and report any symptoms you may have, i.e. increase in pain, swelling, bruising, ect.  Best of luck to you!

Shahin Fazilat, MD, FACS
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Implants are tough...

Thanks for this question. Implants are pretty resistant to trauma. I would actually be more concerned about postoperative bleeding and wound problems with a hard "yank" from your dog. If you have new symptoms, then contact your plastic surgeon. Best, Dr. ALDO :)

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants are designed to withstand significant force.

Breast implants are designed to withstand significant amount of force. In other words, rupture of the implants would require significant force, unlikely to be sustained during the type of activity you describe. Of course, your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource when it comes to accurate assessment, advice, and/or meaningful reassurance.  Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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