Does aging cause chin implant problems?

Had chin implant 20 years ago. Had no problems at all. But now at 68 years old, I am having tingling sensations on jaw line, and cheeks. Also the muscles in neck area feel stretched. Always aware of my neck muscles. Does lack of collagen, aging, sagging muscles cause this?

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Chin implant

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Many thanks for your question and chin implants are very durable generally. Several things happen however as you age. On a rare occasion, the chin implant can cause some bone resorption underneath the implant. Beyond that, soft tissue changes in the chin and do take their toll and the chin can sag off the front of the implant just like it may have over a bony chin and become longer or which like. There are several techniques that can be used to improve the situation. Many thanks for your question and it's always important to see a board-certified surgeon
to get the best answer.Dr. Mentz

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