Should I take the montelukast my dr prescribed? (Photo)

My dr prescribed the medicine and the next day follow up I asked him should I start taking it and he said told me no to wait till the two week appt. then I asked again should I take it and he told me it was up to me. Now me being honest I'm from Michigan and I supposedly have one of the BEST plastic surgeons. But he's not actually listening to me and my concerns like I think he should. Is it possible I can get another plastic surgeon to take over or at least manage my healing?

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Montelukast (Singular) after BBA

Thanks for your question and photos.   Your incisions look to be doing OK.  It is not uncommon to have some scabbing, particularly if you had a significant reduction in your areolar size with your mastopexy.  In your previous post, you stated that you were diabetic, which will likely delay your healing time somewhat.  Overall, you look like you are healing reasonably.  

As far as the montelukast, you don't say why you are considering it.  Although there have been some reports of it helping with capsular contracture, the reports are "anecdotal." meaning that there are no large scientific studies that clearly show a benefit.  That being said, some PS still feel it may help with CC.  At this point, I would ask why it was prescribed.  You need to understand that it does have some potential side effects.  I would discuss your concerns again with your PS. 

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