Polyutherane coated silimed implant risks?

Hi I had breast implants done with polyutherane coated silimed implants 2 years ago. Neither my doctor nor the brochure I received contained infomation regarding the possible link between polyutherane and cancer. Is this malpractice? should I get them removed or is the "damage already done"? Any advice would be great. I've had a few health issues lately and am wandering if these issues are linked to my implants???

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Hello there 

Polyurethane has been shown to cause certain types of tumours in animals but not in people .

Breast implants including polyurethane coated ones do have a very small risk of Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma , a tumour of white blood cells in the fluid around the implants .

The risk of this is thought to be about 1 in 300,000 .

If you use breast cancer risk as a comparison , breast cancer occurs in one in 9 women .

And as well breast cancer can be quite aggressive whereas ALCL is usually simply treated by removing the implant and the scar capsule with an excellent cure rate .

So no , I wouldn't suggest you get your implants removed .

Your other health issues are likely to be due to other reasons, not the implants .



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