Nevus Shaved 2 Months Ago, Will The Indentation and Brown Color Fade With Time?

In 1994, I had all of a nevus's (on face) color removed via numerous laser treatments. 2 mos. ago, I had the raised (now colorless) portion of the nevus shaved off. Now there is an indentation and brown area (where shaved). I don't know if the brown area is remaining pigment from the nevus or scar tissue. Can you advise wheter this color will fade w/time?(PLEASE NOTE, I DO know that it is not wise to remove the color, but didn't at the time - that right now is not my concern.) Thanks so much!

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Pigmentation after shaving a nevus

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The residual pigmentation after a nevus is removed by shaving is not likely to resolve. You can wait a few months to see if the indentation improves but you should consider an excision with suture closure to fix both problems. Done properly, you should have a fairly imperceptible, small linear scar as a result. The tissue should also be checked microscopically to make certain the nevus was benign.


Best method Shave vs. Excision of face moles

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The brown area is residual nevus that will not go away without further surgical removal.  The indentation should improve with time.  If your concern is the indentation, wait 3 months.  If it is not improved, it can be improved by excision with sutures, which usually results in a short, thin cosmetically acceptable line.  However, if the brown pigmentation is of concern, why wait as this will not resolve over time.  I also would recommend sending any pigmented lesion for pathologic exam to rule out melanoma skin cancer, a deadly form of cancer if not timely and appropriately treated.

Moles on the face are best cut out rather than shaved off.

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The pigmentation is probably some residual nevus.  Also shaving off these things leaves an unsightly crater.  Wait another two months, and then you may want to consider excision, which leaves a short, thin, usually inconspicuous straight line scar.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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Indentation and brown color

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It may need a little more time for the area to completely heal.  If the area is still brown and indented, it may be advised to have the lesion completely surgically excised.   

Indentation and brown color for mole removal with shave techniques

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Shave biopsies were taught to me to be the gold standard for biopsies. You can't get a good pathological diagnosis with shave biopsies because you aren't able to see the normal tissue next to it to make the diagnosis of malignancy. You may need to excise this indentation and that would get rid of the brown pigmentation too.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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