Small umbilical hernia wanting a tummy tuck and BBL. Not herniated while laying flat only while sitting and sitting. (photo)

I have a small umbilical heria and wanting a TT/BBL but not at the same time. I know I can get it repaired before or during one of the sugeries if I get it done before or during bbl I risk the chance of scar tissue affecting the tummy tuck. If I do the tummy tuck first with repair I won't have enough fat for bbl. Should I get hernia repaired First ? if not what sequence should I do the surgeries? Again my belly button is not heriated while laying flat.

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Tummy tuck, BBL, and lipo with hernia

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Sounds like you have a reducible umbilical hernia.  Here's what I'd recommend.  Get your BBL done first, so you can maximize your lipo, BBL results, and positioning/recovery.  After round one, if mostly happy with your BBL, then go do your tummy tuck (with lipo) along with umbilical hernia repair.  IF you needed a touch up regarding the BBL, you could get a little more fat injected at that time.  There's probably no wrong answer - several ways to do it. 

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