Final restorations Okay? Gumline? My second incisors seem too small for the rest of my teeth and also not symmetrical? (Photos)

I have recently had my final restorations fitted privately £4000. had 1 vaneer and a post crown on the front 2 teeth and crowns on each of the second incisors with gum lasering/crown lengthening to achieve a better smile. I decided to invest and finally get the best smile I could get. size and gumline of my second incisors does not look right to me even compared to my temporaries. Am I being too fussy?I did have a wax up done prior to treatment which I am sure showed a better more even smile.

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Final Restorations

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Based on your photos, it does look like the lateral incisors are shorter than the centrals and more like they did prior to starting. If that is indeed the case, that would typically occur after the gum laser/crown lengthening. In order to definitively lengthen the laterals, some of the gum and bone needs to be removed to keep the length the way you want. Otherwise, the gum grows back to where it started. That may have happened to you. I would talk to your dentist and see what he thinks. BTW, you're not being fussy. If you have an issue, it's ok to say so. I hope this helps!

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